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(warning: only for the adventurous at heart and of daring caliber!) 

You're ready to share your story in a creative way . . . by writing a book! And not just any book, a fiction novel filled with imagination, adventure, and just maybe a bit of magic.


You want to write the story only you can write so that you can be unique and inspire others with your work.

You’ve felt compelled to write a book that shares your story, but you feel overwhelmed by all the information out there, or maybe you don’t even consider yourself a writer . . .


If you’ve:

  • Tried to start your book but given up

  • Researched all the opinions of “how to” write your book but still feel confused

  • Lived in frustration because the longer your story stays stuck inside you, the stronger it fights to get out

  • Been looking for a step-by-step process to write your book


And you’re:

  • Not experiencing life in full color, like something is missing

  • Ready to be bold and do something truly unique to heal, grow, & inspire others

  • Overwhelmed or lost when it comes to putting your story into a structured format that will not just make sense, but transport your readers along the journey with you


It’s time for you to join the Write Your Book with a Magical Twist Training Series!


Imagine what would be possible for you if you could:

  • Write your story with confidence in a unique way (rewrite your life through a fictional lens)

  • Complete your 1st draft with ease and step-by-step guidance

  • Understand the true value you bring to others through the work you do, and simply by just being you

  • Gain a new, empowered perspective on yourself and your journey through the process of writing your book


Through this FREE training you will learn:


  • Why vulnerability and intuition are crucial to telling your story & how to access them

  • What is a pivotal moment and how to use it in your book

  • The secret your journey holds to empower your life

  • What is rewriting your story through a fictional lens?

  • Fictional storytelling vs. Traditional storytelling 

  • The 3 ways to use your rewritten story to become unstoppable!

  • . . . and more!


Join me, and other daring souls who are ready to take on the adventure of writing their book in an imaginative way to empower their life, and inspire others with their story.


3 Emails


3 Audios


3 Free Trainings!


This audio training will be available for a limited time only, so don't wait! 



Audio 1: Your personal journey holds the secret to empower your life!

Audio 2: Rewrite your journey through a fictional lens!

Audio 3: Three ways to use your rewritten story to become unstoppable!



Ready to write your story and complete your 1st draft so you can not only be one step closer to becoming a published author, but allow a whole new perspective on the value you bring?


Join the Write Your Book with a Magical Twist Training Series here:


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